L. Pascolini

In 2009 my dad passed away, my mom being fearful of living there left me their home in sun city az. I had called a different realtor to rent the property for me but they were not willing to work with me on a personal note. At that point my cousin who lives in the area recommended Steve and his company, saying her husband used him and was very happy with them. Well almost 7 years later and a new home I can’t say enough about Steve and his team. Not only did he keep my house rented but any problems they took care of. Sometimes I’m not the easiest person to deal with but Steve and his team always put me first and made me feel good with whatever it was I needed. Last year I decided my wife n I was going to live in az so we asked Steve to help us look. Wellllll in 4 days we had a house that we love and a great deal again because of Steve and his willingness to help us. Did I forget to mention this was done in a week…. yes we flew in from Florida to look and Steve already had 15 houses to look at in our range. Now after that the story continues because he then sold my dads house for me and got more than I thought we could. Does it stop there no because he then found us a tenant for our new home for a year until we come out there this sept. Without Steve and his team we would of been going crazy trying to do all this. And 2 of our kids ended up coming out there with us and Steve offered to help us find an apartment for them. What else can I say great great guy and awesome staff. I know this was supposed to be short but our story was very different from most, I wanted everyone to understand just how much work he did for us and please don’t forget my wife and I are still here in Florida,he did this all while we were here and not once did we worry about any of our homes that were in his care..if you need real estate help I can think of no one better. Thank you..

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